1. PAL-029 Bill Orcutt C70 cassette

    “Two Weeks in Another Town”

    Edition of 70.

    Tour only

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  2. PAL-028 Bill Orcutt C40 Cassette

    "My Friends When I’m Not There"

    Edition of 70.

    Tour only

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  3. PAL-027 Bill Orcutt 7”

    “Why Four Strings?”

    Edition of 70.

    Tour only

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  4. Saturday • 3/22 • San Francisco, CA
    Steven Wolf Fine Arts
    2747 19th Street, Suite A

    Friday • 3/28 • Louisville, KY
    Solo & Duo w/ Tim Barnes
    810 E. Market Street

    Saturday • 3/29 • Knoxville, TN
    Big Ears Festival
    Scruffy City Hall
    32 Market Square

    Saturday • 5/3 • Krems, Austria
    Donau Festival

    Friday • 6/6 • Peterborough, NH
    The Thing in the Spring Festival
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    Town Hall

    Saturday • 6/7 • Brooklyn, NY
    Acoustic Solo
    Details TBA

    Sunday • 6/8 • Brooklyn, NY
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    Details TBA

    2012 © Peter Gannushkin http://downtownmusic.net/

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  5. VDSQ 010 – Bill Orcutt

    New LP on VDSQ records, shipping 4/1/2014, as volume 10 of their solo acoustic guitar series.

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  6. "In a stellar interview with No-Neck Blues Band’s Keith Connolly, the former Harry Pussy guitarist essentially spells out his M.O.: “My desire to do non-blues material owes a lot to reading [Elijah Wald’s book on Robert Johnson, Escaping the Delta] and realizing that what we think of as the blues is a fiction and just how messed up our ideas about authenticity are.” Since his return to music a few years ago as a slack-tuned, four-string wildman, Bill Orcutt has reinvigorated and befuddled our ideas about the guitar. And on A History of Every One, he takes novelty songs, work hollers, Disney tunes and hymns, and skewers them to his skittering, frenzied style. A History of Every One forces us to question what we know of these original melodies and intents, yet teases out the phrases we often miss in shards and slides.”

    Lars Gotrich writing about "A History of Every One" on NPR.org
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  7. "Orcutt is slicing open the past 150 years of popular American music, Gordon Matta-Clark-style, and attempting to read the stars by the innards that spill out. All artists should hope for a subject so broad, and results so unique, especially when they sound this good."
    — James Ford on "Twenty Five Songs"

    (Source: nailgunmedia.com)

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  8. Interview with Prepared Guitar

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  9. Short interview and performance video shot in Copenhagen in 2013.

    (Source: youtube.com)

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  10. PAL-026 Bill Orcutt 7”

    “I Remember Pedro Bell” b/w “Dylan In Buckskin”

    Edition of 70.

    Sold out.

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