1. From Ultra Eczema

    Ultra Eczema 179
    Bill Orcutt
    Square Cunts s/t New Remorse
    In a blender, stuck with your hand, while a heavy wooden table leans on your chest, yelling “keep it down and help or at least unplug the blender and take that table away”, though in the other room the whole family is dancing to “Square Cunts”, the automatic acoustic guitar boomerang on the A side of this single, it took a swing in the kitchen and just flew back into the other room! Flipped around the kitchen dried out when uncle Bill reads his stolen poetry! Limited to 250 numbered copies, comes in a risograph printed collaged cover.

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  2. Saturday • 8/2 • San Francisco, CA
    6PM w/ Sir Richard Bishop
    Steven Wolf Fine Arts
    2747 19th Street, Suite A

    Sunday • 8/3 • Los Angeles, CA
    8PM w/ Sir Richard Bishop
    Los Globos
    3040 W. Sunset Blvd.

    Saturday • 8/30 • Berkeley, CA
    8pm w/ Elain Kahn & Michael Cross
    Woolsey Heights: 1628 Woolsey St., Apt. C

    Friday • 9/19 • Minneapolis, MN
    Old Familiar Chime Festival
    7pm w/ Glenn Jones, Steve Gunn, Michael Chapman
    Turf Club
    1601 University Ave. W

    Thursday •11/6 • Easthampton, MA
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    43 Main Street
    Easthampton, MA

    Friday •11/7 • Boston, MA
    Boston Hassle Festival
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    w/ Jason Lescalleet/ Kevin Drumm, Nautical Almanac
    156 Highland Ave
    Somerville, MA

    Saturday •11/8 • Boston, MA
    Boston Hassle Festival
    w/ Body/Head, Blues Control, Prostitutes
    156 Highland Ave
    Somerville, MA

    Sunday •11/9 • Philadelphia, PA
    w/ Mark Feehan
    Philadelphia Record Exchange
    1524 Frankford Ave
    Philadelphia, PA

    Saturday •11/29 • Mexico City, Mexico
    Festival del Bosque Germinal
    Solo & duo w/ Chris Corsano

    December • 12/12 • Rio De Janeiro
    Festival Novas Frequências
    Rua Visconde de Pirajá, 54

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  3. From Chocolate Monk

    Bill Orcutt - Daddy’s Got A Spice Rack Cassette


    Orcutt serves up more of his raw, wild & beautiful guitar grunk, but as always he has some new to add into the mix, something different, this time he includes several pieces of text based vocal gibber, which sits real fine around these parts. Interspersed text and string pieces make for a weird and wonderful tape. Honoured to have the man back on Chocolate Monk.

    Edition of 60.


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  4. From Lucky Peach Record Club :

    “Bill Orcutt plays Turkey in the Straw on a one-sided 45rpm 7-inch record in creamsicle-ish vinyl. (Some records are yellow, some are white, most are in between. We won’t tell you what color(s) yours will be because that would ruin the surprise.) Full color jacket designed by John Gall.

    Orcutt is known for his work in Harry Pussy, a squall for which there was no precedent and to which there is no antecedent, or for his recent and often shoeless acoustic guitar work.

    On his record A History of Everyone (Editions Mego), Orcutt turns primordial tunes inside out on his four-string guitar. When Richard Parks proposed his essay about the minstrel show origins of the West Coast’s ice cream truck song for the Street Food issue, the idea to ask Orcutt to record it (as well as to start this record thing) was born.”

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  5. PAL-031 Harry Pussy LP

    "Harry Pussy"

    Hypothetical 20th anniversary reissue of Harry Pussy’s eponymous first LP. Silkscreen jackets by Alan Sherry.

    Edition of 70.


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  6. PAL-030 Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt C40 cassette

    “Live at Various”

    Edition of 70.

    Sold out

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  7. PAL-029 Bill Orcutt C70 cassette

    “Two Weeks in Another Town”

    Edition of 70.

    Sold out

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  8. PAL-028 Bill Orcutt C40 Cassette

    "My Friends When I’m Not There"

    Edition of 70.

    Sold out

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  9. PAL-027 Bill Orcutt 7”

    “Why Four Strings?”

    Edition of 70.

    Sold out

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  10. Saturday • 3/22 • San Francisco, CA
    Steven Wolf Fine Arts
    2747 19th Street, Suite A

    Friday • 3/28 • Louisville, KY
    Solo & Duo w/ Tim Barnes
    810 E. Market Street

    Saturday • 3/29 • Knoxville, TN
    Big Ears Festival
    Scruffy City Hall
    32 Market Square

    Saturday • 5/3 • Krems, Austria
    Donau Festival

    Friday • 6/6 • Peterborough, NH
    The Thing in the Spring Festival
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    Town Hall

    Saturday • 6/7 • Brooklyn, NY
    VDSQ Showcase: w/ Glenn Jones / Mark McGuire / Matthew Mullane / Anthony Pasquarosa
    Issue Project Room

    Sunday • 6/8 • Brooklyn, NY
    Duo w/ Chris Corsano
    Baby’s All Right

    Saturday • 6/28 • San Francisco, CA
    Free Show

    2012 © Peter Gannushkin http://downtownmusic.net/

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